At JJL we believe there are too many factors to each persons nutritional needs and current starting point to be able to offer one cleanse program. If you want to see real change in your health it’s imperative that you embark on detoxification as a lifestyle. Jumping onto a juice cleanse for a few days or more without properly preparing your system can do more harm than good in getting you to your end goal. You can make more progress by taking the slow and steady approach and finding a few things about your current diet and lifestyle that you can change – and stick to most of the time.

Our bodies are amazing. If we give it a chance to breath and release, it really wants to let go of the build up of matter and toxicity from years and years of overburdening our system. You will see immediate results from the right changes if you are diligent.

We want you to learn how to feed your body with delicious detoxifying foods, taking ownership of your health and how to love and nourish yourself. The program devised for you may include some blended and / or whole foods to ease you into the detoxification, as going strait to green juice all day can cause your body to detox very rapidly, resulting in some discomfort if you are not supporting with elimination methods.

What we offer as part of our cleanse programs:

  • Pre-cleanse preparation planning and daily guidance throughout cleanses
  • Ability to do all juice / meal preparation yourself with JJL guidance if you choose to
  • Absolute freshest organic ingredients and tailored to your tastes, with the opportunity for real-time feedback so your menu can be modified (if you opt to get your juices / meals from JJL)
  • Curated nutritional supplements & tools to assist the cleansing process
  • An action plan for you to follow after the cleanse including recipes and guidance

Why Detox with Juices?

Replacing some or all meals with fresh juiced or blended vegetables is an effective way to kick-start a healthier way of living.  In this modern world we live in our bodies are weighted down by the influx of toxicity in our environment – the air we breathe, the convenience foods we eat, and the chemicals in our cleaning products are all contributing. Reducing or eliminating solid foods and consuming raw vegetable juices gives your body concentrated and easily absorbable nutrients required to aid in detoxification, while allowing your organs to focus on processing stored toxic matter.  What a well executed juice cleanse can accomplish:

  • Renewed energy – the shot of enzymes, minerals, nutrients, and vitamins from the juices will go straight to your cells you will feel alive and energised.
  • Permanent weight loss – whether you just have a few kilograms to lose or you have major weight loss goals, the juicing lifestyle will nourish you while allowing you to lose that extra heaviness weighing you down.
  • Clearer skin - the vitamins in the veggies and fruits will give you cleaner more glowing skin.
  • One big step toward less disease in the body – toxins and acidic build up in the body causes all disease. You will be taking a step towards the cleaner body with stronger defences against all disease. 

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