• Essential Steps for Daily Detoxification + Detox Lemonade Recipe


    • Begin your Day with Lemon Water: We've all heard the warm lemon tonic in the morning advice. You can make yourself a lemonade tonic to drink down at the start of your day or what I like to do is make a full bottle to take with me to sip on throughout the morning. The lemon is very alkalising to your body and I find I don't get hungry until mid day when I'm drinking this throughout the morning. If you drink coffee, I would start your morning with a little water, possibly mixed with Raw Aloe water and a probiotic, have your coffee and then have your lemonade later in the morning when you feel you need it. See below for the JJL Detox Lemonade recipe!

    • Move Your Body / Sweat: The main system in the body that carries toxins and wastes is called the lymphatic system. Unlike the cardiovascular system (heart, arteries, veins, blood), the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump and relies on your movement to transport the toxins out of the system. Moving your body and ideally sweating a little will dramatically improve your detoxification efforts. To flush your lymphatic system, it's best to do low impact activities; light ocean swimming (with the added cleansing affects of salt water!), walking, yoga or rebounding (jumping on a small trampoline) are all great choices. Other options are to use a sauna, ideally an infra-red sauna, or soak in a hot bath with epsom salts or Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes.

    • Dry Brush: Use the Bodecare Deluxe Firm Bristle Body Brush to flush your lymphatic system before exercise or before you bathe in the morning. Your skin is the largest organ of elimination and dead cells accumulate preventing the skin from removing toxins effectively. Before you shower, stroke the brush in a long sweeping movement over your dry skin. Start at the bottom of the feet and then move up the legs, bum, arms and back. Always brush towards the heart. Do this for 2 minutes, starting with once daily and building up to twice daily. Be sure to shower afterwards to wash off dead skin cells. Benefits of skin brushing include:

      • Stimulates the release of toxins 

      • Exfoliates the skin, also improving the texture

      • Helps muscle tone and more even distribution of fat deposits, which tightens the skin and can even reduce signs of cellulite

      • Improved blood flow, which will revitalize you, especially if you sit at a desk all day

    • Drink Herbal Teas: There are some amazing herbal blends that support detoxification and I find sipping on tea throughout the day helps you stay hydrated when you may otherwise reach for food that you likely do not even require. Check out the JJL Detox Shop for the brands I love. They include Your Tea, Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals and Artemis Liver and Kidney Detox teas. Yerba Mate and Dandelion Root are excellent substitutions for coffee.

    • Relax: There is such a strong connection between our mind and our nervous system, which in turn affects our digestion and elimination. It's essential to give our system some time each day to repair and rejuvenate. It's incredible how mother nature has given us so many cleansing tools around us yet many of us lock ourselves indoors all day. Make some time to get out in the sunshine and breath in fresh air each day. Adding a meditation or yoga practice into your daily routine is another way to get grounded and manage your stress and calm your nervous system. Even just going for a walk away from your electrical devices can give you a huge mental boost! When I was in the corporate world, I loved to schedule walking meetings and found that some of my most senior clients appreciated this the most.

    • Prepare: Set yourself up for success by blocking time on your calendar for detoxification and rejuvenation. Try to avoid meals out where you may not have healthy options or social events where you will be tempted to indulge in food / beverage you have committed to omitting during this time. Make time to plan your meals and shop and prep all produce you will need if you do not have as much time during the week. You can make and freeze vegetable or bone broths which will make it easy to quickly blend soups or as a base for congee, pre-juice your lemons for your daily lemonade, and wash and prep vegetables into bags specific for salads, soups & smoothies. I also recommend The Holistic Chef Superfood powder for a quick nutritional hit in addition to juice and smoothies during a detox. It is great simply mixed with coconut water and a small amount of fresh pressed apple juice for a little sweetness. 

    • Ensure You’re Releasing the Toxins: As we cleanse our bodies, we are awakening toxic matter; which is processed through our digestive tract, skin, lungs and kidneys. If this matter accumulates in our colon as waste, there is the possibility that it will be reabsorbed into your system. What you should know:

      • If you are drinking only liquids or even just changing the foods you are eating drastically, it is normal for your movements to slow down or stop all together

      • Up your water content even if you don’t feel thirsty – drinking lots of herbal tea in between juices or meals can help with this

      • Light exercise and specifically yoga can be very helpful. Gentle twisting poses will help to stimulate your digestive organs

      • Natural CALM Magnesium helps with everything from stress reduction to sore muscles, leg cramps, headaches and last but not least – constipation

      • Colon Hydrotherapy or Enemas are the best remedy to support elimination. It is important to look for a Gravity Method Colon Hydrotherapy System.

    JJL Detox Lemondade Recipe

    You'll need a 500ml/16oz bottle or jar. Combine the ingredients below and top off with filtered water. It's great at room temp or chilled.

    - 1 whole lemon, juiced (I use a hand held lemon press and press it over a small tea strainer but you can also just squeeze it)

    - Splash/1 tsp of apple cider vinegar

    - Small pinch of cayenne pepper

    - 5-10 drops stevia or small tsp raw honey



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